What Should Be Paid Attention to when Maintaining Vacuum Pump and Mud Pump

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Maintaining Vacuum Pump and Mud Pump

The main purpose of the mud pump is to transport the industrial sector of pulp and pulp to produce wear-resistant slurry pumps, such as metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining and other industries are inseparable from its application. Its working characteristics are multi-slurry process and various non-solid particles, we need to know more about its use precautions in daily operation.

The use precautions of the mud pump accessories' daily operation:

When cleaning the mud pump accessories, you can place it at the inlet for slurry treatment, for example, a large particle impurity filter, so that the foreign particles entering the pump can be reduced, reducing the chance of pump jams and extending the life of the mud pump. The mud pump should not be used for too long. If you have a backup pump, it is mainly in the form of job rotation.

During the operation of the mud pump, the mud pump and water pump should be placed on the ground to maintain the stability of the mud pump. If the mud or liquid slurry pump needs to work underwater, the pump must be put into the water within the limits of its structure, and then the motor needs to be placed and fixed on the surface to keep the mud pump stable.

In the use of slurry pumps for some mechanical seals, the sealed water supply using this mud pump accessories must be guaranteed, and it is prohibited to operate in an anhydrous state to avoid burns due to dry wear of the mechanical seal. Generally, the mechanical seal of the slurry pump should be connected before using the water seal, and should be kept for at least 3 minutes after the water pump is stopped.

The use precautions of the mud pump accessories in the mining industry:

The mud pump accessories used in the mining industry is the current large concentrator. The main treatment is the primary ore. The wear of the slurry pump will be more serious under the circumstances, so its service life is relatively low, especially according to the treatment. The hardness and particle size of the ore are different, so the abrasive slurry pump will also be different.

There are some problems that should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the pump. To see if there is aging, leakage of the lead of the power supply and if the power cord is broken. If there are these two conditions, remember to check that if the metal wire is wound in the water, if there is a damage, remember to replace the power cord immediately. And we should regularly check whether the mud pump is the main outlet of the card, and if the sound is not good when running.