Product List of Crosshead


The crosshead and crosshead guide are made of cast iron featured by good abrasion resistance and long service life. Upper and lower guides are used for mud pump, so that the concentricity can be adjusted by adding shims beneath the lower guide. The connection between the crosshead and the extension rod is made by using bolted flange. The rigid connection ensures the concentricity of the crosshead and the extension rod. The coupling is used for connecting the extension rod to the piston rod. The light-weight coupling enables the extension rod and the piston rod to connect to each other easily and reliably.

Crosshead pin is made from 45# steel. It is the component between connecting rod and crosshead. 

The crosshead is the part that connected the piston rod and pony rod and it has guiding role. In the compressor, closed crossheads are mainly used and opened crossheads are used in some compressor. The connection type can be divided into thread connection, connector connection, flange connection.