Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve

The structure of JA-3 shear relief valve is showed above. When the pressure is more than the rated data, the piston raises,  jacks  up  the  shear board to break off the shear pin so as to empty the sap flow promptly.

JA-3 safety valve is an integral part of the protection mud pump pressure relief system. The safety valve ensures that the mud pump is operating normally within the rated operating pressure range. 

Types of Safety Valve:

  1. It can be divided into high-pressure JA-3H safety valve and JA-3 safety valve, according to different pressure. JA-3H is used for high-pressure mud pump.

  2. According to different connections, it can be divided into safety valve with flange connection, and safety valve with thread connection.

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  • Easy open and shut;

  • Piston's pressure-bearing area is small;

  • Simple reset;

  • Nice commonality for many models of mud pumps.

JA-3 shear pin relief safety valve is equipped with parts such as valve body, piston, piston rod, shear plate, shear pin, and other consumable parts. Strict process processing to ensure quality. It is currently widely used in high-pressure jet drilling rigs; it can also be used in high-pressure circulation systems of other media (oil, water, etc.).

JA-3 shear relief valve change the leaked pressure with the poison movement of shear pin. It operates simply.

Pressure level mark is carved on the shear board. You only need insert the shear pin into the relative hole when you want to adjust the operation pressure. Note, only one shear pin is allowed to insert in shear board.

Liner size is changed relatively adjust the relief valve pressure. The use of steel wire, welding rod or other materials is forbidden. That will effect pressure of relief valve and cause the accident.