Non-coring Tricon bit

Non-coring Tricon bit

Non-coring Tricon bit

Cone bits are the most widely used in oil drilling and geological drilling. The roller cone bit has the functions of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock when rotating, so the roller cone bit can adapt to various soft, medium and hard formations. Especially after the emergence of jet roller cone bits and long nozzle roller cone bits, the drilling speed of roller cone bits has greatly increased, which is a major revolution in the history of roller cone bits. Cone bits can be divided into milling (steel teeth) cone bits and inserts (carbide teeth inlaid on the cones) cone bits according to the type of teeth; according to the number of cones, they can be divided into single cones and double cones , Tri-cone and multi-cone bits. Tri-cone bits are the most commonly used and most commonly used at home and abroad.

In the petroleum, exploration and various drilling industries, roller cone bits are an indispensable and important part, but the price of roller cone bits is too high for some drilling industries, which has prompted some drilling industries to produce a lot of second-hand roller cone bits. Interest, its low price and reliable quality (only 1/3 of its life is used in oil drilling), which has reduced a lot of costs for the drilling industry, so second-hand roller cone bits have become an important part of some drilling industries.

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Description of Non-coring Tricon bit

Under the action of the weight on bit and the rotation of the drill string, the roller bit crushes the teeth and eats the rock, and at the same time produces a certain amount of sliding and shears the rock. When the cone rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth on the cone sequentially impact and press into the formation. This action can crush a part of the bottom rock, and at the same time, the shearing action brought about by the sliding of the cone can cut off the remaining parts between the teeth. A part of the rock makes the bottom rock completely broken, and the borehole can be extended.


3 7/8(98mm) 7 1/2(190mm) 10 5/8(269mm) 16(406mm) 800mm4 5/8(118mm) 7 7/8(200mm) 11 5/8(295mm) 17 1/2(445mm) 900mm 5 7/8(149mm) 8 1/2(216mm) 12 1/4(311mm) 26(660mm) 1200mm 6(152mm) 9 1/2(241mm) 13 5/8(346mm) 500mm 6 1/2(165mm) 9 7/8(250mm) 15 1/2(393mm) ;600mm etc.