Mud Pump Wear Plate

Mud Pump Wear Plate

Mud Pump Wear Plate
wear plate
wear plate
wear plate

Mud pump wear plate is the main component in the drilling pump fluid end system. It is installed on the inner side of the cylinder and plays the locating role for mud pump cylinder. 

It is forged from 35CrMo. The wear-resistant discs manufactured by our company have high hardness and nickel-plated surface, which has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 

Mud Pump Wear Plate Works

The driving device realizes the valve opening and closing by rotating the valve disc by a certain angle through the valve stem and the rocker arm. The sealing surface of the valve disc is closely fitted to the valve seat by means of a spring. The valve disc is displaced in the vertical direction of the sealing surface. This helps to compensate the deformation of the valve parts caused by thermal expansion and contraction and the slight wear and tear caused by multiple opening and closing, overcomes the impact of any back pressure changes on the seal and prevents particulate media from entering between the sealing surfaces; During the closing process, the difference in friction between the valve seat seal and the valve disc in the tangential direction causes the valve disc to rotate during an opening and closing cycle and can continuously cut and clean. It may accumulate in the valve cavity during the process These characteristics of the medium are not found in other valves.

Mud Pump Wear Plate characteristics

1.Self-cleaning sealing surface design

The sealing surface of the valve seat adopts an open structure. The valve disc will agitate and remove the medium during each action process, avoiding the accumulation of internal materials that often occur in other forms of wear-resistant valves; the changing circulation pipe space makes the flowing materials vortex Generates self-cleaning effect, avoids the corrosion and damage caused by the accumulation of materials inside the valve body, and maintains the valve in a good seal. Compact structure and easy installation

2. Zero leakage

 The unique self-cleaning sealing surface and self-abrasive design ensure the good shut-off effect of the valve, and the leakage rate is far lower than the requirements of industry standards.

3. Self-grinding design

During the valve opening and closing process, the valve disc and the sealing surface are always in flat contact, and the material acts as an abrasive between the two, repairing the damaged sealing surface at any time, and maintaining a good sealing effect of the valve.

4. High temperature and corrosion resistance design 

The valve disc and the valve disc are metal-to-metal hard seals. The sealing surface is made of nickel-based and cobalt-based hard alloys as a whole, with high hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for corrosion and wear resistance at high temperature Wide temperature range.

5.Straight stroke and angular stroke design

Different stroke modes can be adopted according to user requirements to meet different process requirements.

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