The Necessity of Strengthening the Management of Oilfield Drilling Electrical Equipment

The Necessity of Strengthening the Management of Oilfield Drilling Electrical Equipment

In the current human society, fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas are still the main energy sources. Therefore, scientific and technological research on the exploitation of fossil energy is still in full swing in all countries. As a large quantity of oil and natural gas resources have been discovered in western China and the South China Sea, the domestic technical research on oilfield drilling equipment has also made considerable progress, and various high and new technologies have been applied to oil exploration. Among them, the large-scale application of high-performance electrical equipment in the oilfield drilling industry has greatly improved the efficiency of domestic oilfield  exploitation and promoted the rapid development of the oilfield field. The management level of electrical equipment directly affects the efficiency of its equipment. Therefore, it is very important to improve the management level of electrical equipment in order to efficiently exploit petroleum resources.

1.The management of electrical equipment is a key guarantee for the safe production of drilling  

Whether it is oilfield drilling projects or other types of projects, safety has always been the top priority. However, in recent years, drilling safety accidents caused by various electrical equipment failures are not uncommon. These accidents have caused serious threats to the lives of drilling workers and caused irreparable losses to national property.

Many of these electrical equipment safety accidents are not caused by the design defects of the electrical equipment itself, but caused by improper safety management of the equipment. Therefore, strengthening the management of electrical equipment is a key measure to keep the equipment running in a safe and stable state and prevent the recurrence of such safety accidents. Perfect electrical management measures are conducive to the safe and efficient progress of the entire project.

2. The strengthening of electrical equipment management can effectively extend the service life of the equipment itself

Strengthening the management of electrical equipment of oilfield drilling equipment not only plays an important role in improving the efficiency and safety of oilfield drilling, but also has a great significance for the life of electrical equipment itself.

The strengthened management of electrical equipment of oilfield drilling equipment is to comprehensively strengthen the entire process of equipment from installation to later use. In the installation phase, safety and rationality of the installation location and the routing of the cables should be ensured to minimize the damage to the equipment caused by human factors.

When the equipment is started up and put into use, the management personnel should regularly inspect and maintain the equipment, and if the equipment parts are aging or malfunction, they should immediately organize the relevant personnel to repair or replace the parts. For some important electrical equipment, safety officers should also be arranged to monitor the whole process to better deal with emergencies, so as to protect the safety of on-site construction personnel. Some of the above measures are of practical significance for reducing equipment failure rate and improving equipment life. At the same time, due to the reduction of equipment failure rate and the increase of service life, the cost of the entire oilfield drilling project will be correspondingly reduced.