Impregnated Diamond Bit

Impregnated Diamond Bit

Impregnated Diamond Bit

The impregnated diamond bits are the most commonly useful bits in the mineral exploration, as they have the widest range of application. The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit’s matrix series.The matrix layer of the crown contains a uniform distribution of these crystal that are embedded in a powdered metal bond. The matrix of our impregnated bits is designed to expose new diamonds to the bits’ cutting face as wear occurs.Fast penetration rate is maintained as a result of this action.

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Description of Impregnated Diamond Bit

Our impregnated bits are manufactured to give optimum penetration rates and bit life, which is required to keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum. The optimum diamond size, concentration and matrix type are dependent on the hardness and abrasiveness of the formation to be drilled.

Matrix Selection Chart

MatrixHRCRock formationRock type
Ultra soft<20Competent formationClay、Shale、Very soft sandstone、Marl、Argillite, etc.
Soft20-30Competent and medium abrasive formation
Medium Soft30-35Hard and medium abrasive formationLimestone, Rhyolite lava、Andesite, Marble、Hard sandstone、Limonite、Dolomite、Schist, etc.
Medium Soft35-40Medium hard and ultra abrasive formation
Hard40-45Hard and ultra abrasive formationBasalt、Gneiss、Granodiorite  .amphi bolo lite、Pegmatite、Diabase,etc.
Ultra Hard>45Hard, competent and ultra abrasive formation;Hard, unconsolidated and fractured formationHard granite、Quartzitic conglomerate、Quartzite hard slate、Qhyolite,etc.

Selection of crown profiles

No.TypeSuitable working enviroment
1Flat profileIt'suitable for a broad range of rock formations
2W profilesuitable for competent formations.
3Shaped gear profileIt'suitable for competent formations, and can expand the flushing ways and improve thepenetration rate.
4Slanted teeth profileIt's suitable for competent formationwithin a high penetration rate, mean while, it can make sure a good service life.
5SteppedIt'suitable for medium hard &fractured formations, broken and completely interlaced formations, this design can protect the formations from deviation.
6Semi-round ProfileIt's suitable for medium hard-hard formations. diamonds was well-regulated embedded in the matrix, working well for a little broken and unconsolidated formations
7Face dischargeIt's suitable for sedimentary and metamorphic formations, or the formations including with lots of mineral Powders, this design can protect the core from flushing and improve the getting efficiency of core samples.