Pinion Shaft Assy

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Pinion Shaft Assy

Pinion shaft is a very important part for mud pump. The pinion shaft is made of forged alloy steel, on which a herringbone gear with the medium-hard teeth surface is machined. For easy maintenance, single row radical cylindrical roller bearing with double ribbed outer ring is used. The pinion shaft ends are prolonged so that sheave or sprocket can be mounted on either end.

The Gear Shaft is made from 42CrMo and with a high precision double helical gear. The precision gears ensure our pinion run very smoothly with almost no noise and vibration , increased the power transmission efficiency. Backlash in the gears is minimal and no pre-wear is required for smooth running.

General process of processing gear shaft

Gear shaft refers to a mechanical complete machine that supports the migration and transformation of the whole machine and rotates with it to transmit motion, torque or bending moment. It is usually a round metal rod, and each section can have a different diameter. The whole machine is mounted on the shaft.

In the plan, the application of gear shafts is usually nothing more than the following environments:

1. The gear shaft is usually a pinion (gear with few teeth).

2. The gear shaft is usually at the high speed level (that is, the low torque level).

3. Generally, gear shafts are rarely used as variable-speed sliding gears, and they are usually gears that run steadily. First, because they are at a high speed, their high speed is not suitable for stopping the sliding gear.

4. The gear shaft is the shaft and the gear as a whole. However, when planning, it is still necessary to try to shorten the length of the shaft; if it is too long, it is not conducive to hobbing and machining. Bold to increase mechanical strength (such as rigidity, deflection, bending resistance, etc.).