Mud Pump Piston

Mud Pump Piston

Mud Pump Piston
piston assembly
piston assembly
piston assembly
piston assembly
piston assembly
piston BT60


According to different structure, piston is divided into one-piece bonded piston and pressure plate type piston.

The main components of the pressure plate type piston assembly is: a piston core, a piston rubber, a circlip, a pressure plate etc.

The main components of the one-piece bonded piston assembly: alloy steel piston core and polyurethane elastomer solidification molding.

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Piston Material Classification

The material of the piston hub is 35CrMo, 42CrMo, and the material of the piston rubber is nitrile rubber, urethane rubber, hydrogenated nitrile.

Nitrile Rubber

It is suitable for ordinary drilling working environment with working pressure below 20Mpa, and the working temperature is not higher than 120 °C. Excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, long service life in ordinary drilling work environment.

Urethane Rubber

Made of polyurethane raw materials imported from the United States, it has excellent oil resistance and wear resistance. The working temperature is not higher than 120 °C, and it is suitable for oil-based mud with working pressure of 35Mpa and working environment with high sediment concentration.

Hydrogenated Nitrile

Suitable for high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion working environment, working pressure 75Mpa, working temperature up to 150 °C. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is a rubber used in aviation. Used in the petroleum industry, hydrogenated nitrile rubber has wear resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, and its amine resistance and steam resistance are good. Especially in high temperature and high pressure working environment, other rubbers are quickly destroyed by hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, steam and acid, but hydrogenated nitrile rubber shows good comprehensive performance.