Reaming Shell

Reaming Shell

Reaming Shell

Reaming shell is set with natural or synthetic diamond or hard alloy, it is used to couple the drill bit with the core barrel. Its main function is to ream the hole to the correct constant specific diameter which ensures adequate clearance for the core barrel and sufficient  clearance for the new bit which replaces an old one. It also acts as a stabilizer for drill bit.

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Description of Reaming Shell

We can produce reaming shell with 6”,10” and 18” length.

Reaming shells(with double pads or three pads) are suitable to use in all formation conditions ranging form broken and abrasive to consolidated and non-abrasive. As this kind of reaming shell is physically longer than the standard type,it is necessary to use an appropriate inner tube extension in order to compensate for the difference in overall reaming shell length.