Classification and Code of Mud Pump Pony Rod

Classification and Code of Mud Pump Pony Rod

The mud pump pony rod is a long and thin rod of pumping well. It is connected to a polished rod on the top and a pump at the bottom to transfer power.

The length of a mud pump pony rod is 7.6 or 8 meters. The material is usually high carbon steel, and the surface is plated with hard chromium. The internal thread hoop is used to connect one by one in the oil pipe, which extends to the piston at the underground oil layer, and pumps oil through reciprocating motion. Depend on the well depth, the sucker rod can reach several thousand meters.

Mud pump pony rod classification:

Common sucker rod: C, D, K, KD sucker rod

High strength sucker rod: H grade, divided into HY, HL, KHL three types

Special sucker rod: hollow sucker rod, steel rod

Continuous sucker rod: steel rod

Special sucker rod for screw pump: tapered thread sucker rod, plug-in sucker rod

FRP sucker rod: fiber reinforced plastic sucker rod

Flexible sucker rod: carbon fiber composite sucker rod, wire rope sucker rod

Other types of sucker rod: electric heating sucker rod

The code of pony rod mud pump is expressed as follows:

Length (mm), grade, and type (C, D, K, KD, HL, HY, KHL), nominal rod diameter (mm), steel sucker rod code (CYG).