Non Metallic Wear-resistant Mud Pump

Non Metallic Wear-resistant Mud Pump

The non-metal wear-resistant mud pump is developed by our company according to the users' construction situation and the performance characteristics of the PN seriesmud pump wear plate in use. The flow passage parts are made of modern non-metallic wear-resistant materials, which have strong wear resistance and cavitation erosion resistance. It is especially suitable for pumping silty sand and long-distance sand transportation and is widely used in river dredging and mechanical silting, the transportation medium can reach 40%. It was successfully developed in 2002 and has been widely used in the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River Basin and coastal reclamation projects. With its excellent performance, the pump has won awards in Shandong Yellow River, Yellow River Water Conservancy Commission and Ministry of Water Resources.

Non-metallic wear-resistant mud pump's features and advantages:

1. The pump is mainly composed of a pump body, impeller, guard plate, pump cover, bracket, and bearing components. The pump shell, front and rear lining plates, and impellers can be made of high wear-resistant non-metallic materials, cast iron, and wear-resistant alloy according to the requirements of users or working conditions. The bracket, front, and rear cover are made of ordinary cast iron, and the pump shaft is made of high-quality carbon steel. Pump body, impeller, mud pump are made from mud pump wear plate material.

2. The pump shaft seal adopts a packing seal and adds high-pressure flushing water into the packing chamber, which ensures the normal operation of the pump. Turning from the direction of the water inlet is counterclockwise, the pump outlet is on the right side of the horizontal direction, and the water outlet can be adjusted within 360 degrees.

3. The pump has the advantages of good wear resistance, high efficiency, remarkable energy-saving effect, large excavation depth, strong suction capacity, strong flow capacity, small volume, lightweight, reasonable structure and reliable operation.