What Conditions Should a Good Mud Pump Pony Rod Satisfy?

What Conditions Should a Good Mud Pump Pony Rod Satisfy?

1. Brief introduction of mud pump pony rod

Mud pump pony rod is a downhole equipment for pumping oil, and mud pump pony rod is a common downhole device that is driven by a pumping unit to pump crude oil from a well to the ground. The liquid it sucks contains sand, wax, water, gas, and corrosive substances, and it works underground at hundreds of meters to thousands of meters, and the pressure in the pump may be as high as 10 MPa or more. Therefore, its working environment is complex and the conditions are harsh, and the pump's performance directly affects the oil well production.

2. The conditions that the mud pump pony rod should meet

Therefore, the mud pump pony rod should generally meet the following requirements:

(1) Simple structure, high strength, good quality, and reliable sealing of the connection part;

(2) The manufacturing material has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a long service life;

(3) The specifications and types can meet the needs of oil well drainage, and have strong adaptability;

(4) Easy to get up and down;

(5) In the structure, sand and gas prevention should be considered, and necessary auxiliary equipment should be provided.

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