What Are the Advantages of High Precision Crossing Roller Bearings Compared with Traditional Bearings?

What Are the Advantages of High Precision Crossing Roller Bearings Compared with Traditional Bearings?

Today, with the rapid development of social science and technology, not only science and technology are changing with each passing day, but our bearing industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. In terms of performance, high-precision crossed roller bearings have replaced traditional bearings in many aspects. The performance of high-precision crossed roller bearings in many aspects is better than traditional bearings. Now let's compare the advantages of crossed roller bearings and traditional bearings.

1.The cost of roller bearings is reduced

The characteristic of high-precision crossed roller bearing is that the cylindrical rollers are vertically aligned and moved by spacer blocks on the 90° V-groove rolling surface. Therefore, the crossed roller bearing can bear radial load, axial load and moment load and other multi-directional loads. Compared with the traditional thrust bearing + radial centering bearing combination, the crossed roller bearing has a compact structure and a small volume, and simplifies the design of the worktable, thereby reducing the cost of the turntable.

In addition, due to the use of optimized pre-tightening force, this type of bearing has high rigidity, so the rigidity and accuracy of the turntable are also guaranteed. Thanks to the design of the two rows of crossed rollers, the effective span of the bearing can be significantly improved, so this type of bearing has a high anti-overturning moment. In crossed roller bearings, it is divided into two types: the first is a crossed cylindrical roller bearing, and the second is a crossed tapered roller bearing.

2. The price of cylindrical roller bearings is lower than that of tapered roller bearings

Generally, the cost of crossed cylindrical roller bearings is lower than that of crossed tapered roller bearings, and they are suitable for turntable applications with relatively low speeds. Crossed tapered roller bearings adopt the pure rolling design of tapered rollers, which have high running accuracy and speed capability. Strong, reducing the shaft length and processing cost and other advantages. Crossed roller bearings are suitable for various types of vertical or horizontal boring machines, as well as vertical mills, vertical lathes and large gear milling machines.

Although the cross-roller bearing has a special structure, the production and processing process is relatively cumbersome, and there is a certain pursuit for the operating staff. Relying on the advantages of new equipment, mass production capacity can be quickly formed, and the production cycle can be quickly increased. The price of roller bearings has dropped significantly compared with turntable bearings. For users, the cost performance is much higher than that of conventional bearings. This is why in recent years crossed roller bearings gradually replace conventional bearings.