Working Principles of Drilling Mud Pump

Working Principles of Drilling Mud Pump

To make it more clear the function of mud pump, let's learn how drilling mud pump works.

Drilling mud pump is an indispensable corollary equipment of drilling machinery in oil field to transfer mud and water to drill pipe so as to cool and wash drill bit and soil.

Oil drilling mud pump is a positive displacement mud pump, whose basic principle is to transform original kinetic mechanical energy into pressure energy through the periodic change of the volume of the sealed working chamber (mud pump cylinder liner)to complete the operation. The specific process is to use reciprocating movement of mud pump piston to make the volume of working chamber in the cylinder liner change periodically. Mud pump piston assembly consists of piston core, rubber, clamp spring, pressure plate. The piston core is made of 42CrMo and rubber is made of nitrile or polyurethane rubber. The mud pump cylinder is isolated from the outside by sealing devices such as sealing rings, and communicates with or closes the pipeline through pump valve (suction valve or discharge valve). Therefore, it's important to match mud pump and cylinder liner. Common three-cylinder mud pump on the market so far is fitted with three cylinder liners.