Popular Industrial Triplex Pump

Popular Industrial Triplex Pump

Industrial triplex pumps are designed for a variety of high-pressure cleaning applications. The structure of the pump is die-casting crankcase, forged brass head, internal components include solid ceramic coating plug, tapered roller bearing, integral connecting rod, stainless steel check valve. The pump has a gearbox, belt drive, or coupling drive with an electric motor, or gasoline, diesel engine.

1. Features of industrial triplex pump:

Brass manifold

Ceramic coated plunger

HP China

Aluminum alloy crankcase, anti-corrosion, heat dissipation

Forged crankshaft, hardened, tempered steel

Aluminum alloy connecting rod

Flange connection available

2. Application of industrial triplex pump:

This industrial triplex pump can be used in hot and cold pressure cleaning machines, engine driven pressure cleaning machines, pressure testing equipment, industrial cleaning products, and special task applications.

Food processing

High-pressure cleaning, dust hanging, odor control, humidification

Pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Cleaning of car, truck, and other vehicles

High-pressure sewer jet

RUNDONG's strengths and advantages:

1. Cost-effectiveness and profitability

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2. Stability and reliability

We have mastered the technology of the industrial triplex pump. We use the best materials and components to make this pressure pump durable and reliable.

3. Excellent service and support

Technical support and assistance will be provided at any time and rapid response will be provided. We will also find the most economical way to meet the spare parts requirements.