Causes of Damage to Small Tapered Roller Bearings

Causes of Damage to Small Tapered Roller Bearings

Small tapered roller bearings belong to precision parts, so it is required to be cautious in use even with high-performance bearing. If it is used improperly, the expected performance effect can not be achieved, and the bearing is easy to be damaged.

Therefore, the use of small tapered roller bearings should be paid attention to the following:

1. Keep the small tapered roller bearings and its surrounding clean, even if the invisible dust enters the bearing, it will increase the bearing wear, vibration and noise.

2. Be careful when using and installing. It is not allowed to punch strongly, to knock the bearing directly with hammer, and to transfer pressure through rolling element.

3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools, try to use special tools, and try to avoid using cloth and staple fiber.

4. Prevent the bearing from rusting.

When taking the bearing directly by hand, it is necessary to wash off the sweat from the hand and coat it with high-quality mineral oil before operation. Pay special attention to rust prevention in rainy season and summer. However, under some special operating conditions, the bearing can obtain a longer life than the traditional calculation, especially in the case of light load. These special operating conditions are: when the rolling surface (track and rolling element) is effectively separated by the lubricating oil film and limits the possible surface damage caused by pollutants.