Valve Seat Puller

Valve Seat Puller

Valve Seat Puller

A hydraulic valve seat puller is a service tool. 

It is used to take the installed mud pump valve seat out of the mud pump fluid end module, during the process of replacing the valve seat or mud pump maintenance. At the same time, eliminate damage to fluid end expendables caused by removing the valve seat with a cutting torch.

It consists of an oil cylinder, hydraulic hand pump with pressure gauge, all thread rod, puller claw etc. This tool is more effective to finish the maintenance and mud pump repair work with fewer manpower and shorter time. 

It is suitable for API#4 valve seat, API#5 valve seat, API#6 valve seat, and API#7 valve seat. Mud pump valve seat puller for  3-WEB valve seat, 4-WEB valve seat, and FULL OPEN valve seat can all be provided.

It can be applied to Gardner Denver triplex pumps, Emsco mud pumps, NOV triplex pumps, Bomco pumps, OILWELL mud pumps, IDECO pumps, OPI pumps etc.

A seat puller is a removal tool in a mud pump. It is used to remove the installed valve seat from the fluid pump module of the mud pump during the replacement of the mud pump fluid end valve body, valve seat, or maintenance of the mud pump. It consists of an oil cylinder, hydraulic manual pump assembly, full-threaded rod, claw head, pressure gauge, tee and so on.

Material: Full-threaded rod, claw head is 35CrMo forged.

The advantages of the product are: simple structure, easy to use, can save a lot of manpower and time, and cost-effective.

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